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e3511 Wafer Ashing System
  • Bulk Resist, Post LDI Resist Strip, Polymer Removal

  • Descum processing

  • Surface treatment for better Dep Adhesion

  • Post high dose implant strip

  • Oxidation

  • Isotropic etch

  • MEMS Applications

General Information
  • Substrate sizes 100-200 mm

  • Tool Footprint 30” (762 mm) W x 38” (965mm) D x 58” (1473mm) H

  • Photoresist strip Typical Throughput 60 WPH

  • Ash Rates < 200Å - ≥3.5. μm./min.

  • Uniformity Within Wafer 2% - 5%

E3511, Asher, Wafer, Semiconductor
  • True downstream Microwave plasma process ( 24” from the product)

  • Fully compatible Process and Chamber with the Gasonics L3510

  • Platen Temp enhanced range from 60 to 350 Deg

  • Enhanced IDX Flexware® Software Control 

  • Embedded Intel® i7 multi-core PC with Slice I/O modules

  • Ethernet Smart Controls for Pressure control, Robot
    and Gas flow controls ( MFC’s)

  • Flash drive data storage & USB Backup for recipes/data

  • SECS/GEM Compliant, HSMS Standard

  • Easy-to-Use, Configurable Display

  • Easy to see 17” touchscreen

  • Built-in watchdog timer for safe operation

  • LED status of power and Digital I/O

  • Solid State Controls for Lamp and Platen Heater

  • New Hatm-5 pick and place robot

  • 1.2kw MicroWave power

  • Lamp assisted processing for better uniformity and enhanced ash rates

Asher, Semiconductor, ESI, Wafer
ESI, IDX Flexware, Wafer, Semiconductor
ESI, Semiconductor, Wafer, e3511
IDX, ESI, Wafer, Semiconductor
ESI, e3511, Asher, Semiconductor, Wafer
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