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ESI Services

ESI has been providing upgrades, service, and support for Plasma Asher equipment since 1986. We are industry leaders for the remanufacture of Gasonics L3510. ESI upgrades are designed to replace obsolete OEM assemblies, improve performance, and extend the life of your system. All in our Class 100 certified cleanroom and comes with warranties up to 2 years

Services Include:
  • Gasonics L3510 Field Support

  • IDX Flexware Control Upgrades

  • Technical Support

  • Training

IDX Flexware® Control

ESI provides unique system upgrades for Gasonics L3510 and L3500 Plasma Asher equipment. With IDX Flexware® ESI can introduce features that improve yield, productivity, and performance in your OEM equipment. ESI provides newly remanufactured L3510 or L3500 equipment with multiple upgrade options that extend the life of your Gasonics Asher equipment.

ESI, Semiconductor, Wafer, Asher
ESI, Semiconductor, Wafer, Asher
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