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Gasonics L3510 Upgrades


Since 1986, ESI  has re-manufactured, upgraded, and provided parts for Plasma systems. For more information on how to bring new life back into your Gasonics L3510 please contact us.

  • Bulk Resist, Post LDI Resist Strip, Polymer Removal

  • Descum processing

  • Surface treatment for better Dep Adhesion

  • Post high dose implant strip

  • Oxidation

  • Isotropic etch

  • MEMS Applications

Test / Qualifications
  • Test & Qualification

  • Configured to customer specification

  • Demonstrated at ESI prior to ship

  • Full Process 1000 wafers using plasma without error

  • No wafer radiation damage during test

Process / Control Enhancements
ESI, Semiconductor, Wafer, Asher
  • Single cassette processing

  • True Downstream Microwave plasma processing

  • Automatic photoemission end-point detection

  • Calibrated Microwave system

  • Calibrated Pressure system

  • Calibrated Temperature Control system

Advanced Process Control System
  • Upgrade your Gasonics L3510 to our advanced ESI e3511 in a short time

  • IDX Flexware software

  • Embedded PC and I/O System

  • 17” touchscreen

ESI, Semiconductor, Wafer, Ashershot-2.png

Improved reliability and performance

Gasonics, ESI, Semiconductor, Wafer, Asher
Electrical Improvements
  • New Wiring harness

    New Heated platen, fully Gasonics compatible with overtemp monitoring

    Wafer cooling station with touch wafer sensor, works with glass, GaS etc.

  • Lamp assembly with new reflector and bulb with solid state controller

  • New UV igniter bulb and power supply

  • Advanced DC Power supplies and A/C distribution with all SSR’s

  • New Gerling GL139 1.2kw microwave generator, Mititoyo 3 stub tuner, waveguide and 6 pole mw applicator

Mechanical Improvements
  • System Hardware compatible for 100-200mm wafers

  • Advanced Hine Hatm-5 pick and place robot

  • Pneumatics Adjusting block for door and lifter, puts all speed adjustments in one place where they are easy to get at.

  • UV igniter power supply relocated to top of gas box for easy access

  • KalRez® high temp O-rings for better resistance to plasma and UV

  • Plumbing and Pneumatics

  • New MKS throttle valve

  • Three gas inputs with optional 4th gas

  • New Gas box, Solenoid valves, air cylinders, Tubing

Plumbing / Pneumatics
  • New MKS throttle valve

  • Three gas inputs with customer specified MFC’s (typically 4L O2, 2L N2 and 500cc O2)

  • New Gas box, Solenoid valves, air cylinders, Tubing

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