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e3611/e3612 Single Wafer Ashing Systems
Advanced Single Wafer Plasma Asher

The e3600 product line is an advanced plasma ashing/etch system from ESI with the latest photoresist removal technology offering exceptional performance at a very competitive price.

The e3611 and e3612 offer reliable, high-throughput, configurable and flexible solutions. The e3600 series can handle different dimensions of substrates at the same time with no hardware changes. With a compact modular design, it can deliver high throughput with the low cost of ownership.

  • TCP 6KW RF plasma or 3KW Microwave Plasma

  • Compact Footprint, Very Low Cost of Ownership

  • Single or Dual Arm Pick and Place Robot

  • Downstream Plasma for extremely low damage
    High throughput >100 wph

  • Dual Cassette Holders for 100mm to 200mm wafers

  • Optional SMIF Load Stations

  • Ethernet Smart Controls for subsystems

  • Cooling Stations

  • ULPA or HEPA System

  • One Chamber

  • 2 Cassette Stations

  • Single Arm Robot 

  • Low COO

  • Two Chambers

  • 2 Cassette Stations

  • Dual Arm Robot 

  • Low COO

  • Bulk Resist,

  • Post LDI Resist Strip

  • Polymer Removal

  • Descum processing

  • Surface Treatment for better Dep Adhesion

  • Post high dose implant strip

  • Oxidation

  • Isotropic etch

  • MEMS

Process Definitions
  • Ashing: Stripping the photoresist. Typically performed after ion implantation or etching.

  • Descum: Removing remaining photoresist or polyimide on wafers for front-end, removing a small portion of resist on the wafer.

  • Etching: Isotropic etch for materials such as Si3N4, SiO2, and Poly-Si

  • Surface Treatment: Surface activation before wet etch to improve etch process step, improves surface adhesion enhancement before deposition.

  • Cleaning: plasma cleaning could be performed after wet etch to complete the cleaning step or after DRIE to remove polymer from the via etc.

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